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Classic Egyptian Belly Dance Music

Classic Egyptian Belly Dance Music

Classic Egyptian Belly Dance Music


Item#: SPHCD134

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Album Description:

Dr. Samy Farag spares no costs when producing a CD and "Classical Egyptian Belly Dancing Music" is no exception. It is a masterpiece of perfection from quality of sound to instrumentation to musicians and vocalists. Dancers at all levels will find something so unique that their creativity will soar, although most numbers will require great dance expertise.

Masis Vartan who arranged and recorded most of Dr. Samy's personal music has added a wonderful touch to Ernesto Lecuona's "MalagueƱa" by rearranging it to an Arabic Belly Dance style. It's so very exciting. Other highlights that follow the rearrangement of the original are "Hungarian Dance", which is a creative dancer's dream come true. A most interesting number that has a beautiful yet dynamic flow is called "Latino Nights". This is the original music of Mohamed Abdel Wahab and has been rearranged by Masis Vartan with a Latin beat. The opening number "Habibti" is 6:40 minutes of fire (Hot-Hot-Hot) and very fast.

The whole CD is exceptional in every way and completely fulfilling. This one gets a big Thumbs Up!

Track Song Listen
1 Habibti MP3
2 Hungarian dance MP3
3 Samya MP3
4 Danza Mora - Instrumental MP3
5 Zeina MP3
6 Inshallah MP3
7 River Nile MP3
8 Latinos Night MP3
9 Danza Mora - Vocal MP3
10 Kathy Waltz MP3
11 Drum Solo MP3
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