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Ya Amar

Ya Amar

Ya Amar - Modern Bellydance Music


Item#: SPHCD135

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Album Description:

Ya Amar album is a collection of modern belly dancing music. It has 4 songs with complete routine belly dancing music; including intro, maksoum, takaseem , drum solo and finale which can be used for performance & teaching, it can be used by beginner , intermediate and advanced dancers.There is different beat to each song from malfouf, baladi and saidi with a drum solo.

There are 6 songs of famous singers from the middle east , the superstar Walid Tawfik singing the hit song Tigi Neksem El Amar with new arrangement, the legend Sabah singing Ya Abou Ali, 3 other rising stars local from Los Angeles and Lebanoun , Fadi Sultan , Salem Mawla and Woroud.

The recording was done in a superb way at sphinx studios and in some other outside studios, the mix was done by Dr Samy Farag who wrote most of the music in this album, the musicians who were involved in the recording are the best.

This CD is good for listening, performance or teaching

Track Song Listen
1 Hayati MP3
2 Tigi Neksem el Amar MP3
3 Ya Amar MP3
4 Yabahla MP3
5 Samara - Music Dr. Samy Farag MP3
6 Karet MP3
7 Faiza Ahmed song MP3
8 Fairuz Medly MP3
9 Ya Helwa MP3
10 Ya Abou Ali MP3
11 Drum Solo MP3
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